Why I <3 Heston

Only he and maybe Ferran have the ability to create such imaginative gastronomic concoctions. Today he recreated a Tudor feast – it might as well have been a Shakespearean production- it was that theatrical.

The pièce de resistance being the mythical monster or cockatrice he created and decided to set alight on the table. A creature that had the head of a pig, the body of a lamb and the wings and back end of a goose put together by taxidermist encased a joint of meat that was actually made up of 4 different meats layered and miraculously bonded together with a natural protein powder. It was such a spectacle when the animal exploded and the meat was revealed.

Dessert was just a weird and wonderful. Sweet and savoury rice pudding cooked in a condom. Yes! I know a CONDOM! (actually, the Tudors invented the very first kind of condoms). He did this to create a sausage which was then removed from the condom and caramelised to look like a sausage. This was served with a mash resembling mashed potato, but actually made from puréed banana and apple, caramelised fennel to look like caramelised onions and to finish sweetened pea purée frozen with liquid nitrogen to look like peas. That was probably the most loved dish by the guests.

His final feast ended with this spectacular ejaculating pudding which consisted of an exploding chocolate mouse cake on a space dust/popping candy biscuit base
. I so have to try that popping candy biscuit!

Although it remains that my favourite Feast is still his first one- his Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s Tea party to represent a Victorian Feast. The completely edible garden was just amazing, the version of Alice’s Drink Me drink was genius and the Absinthe vibrator Jelly was brilliant .

I totally admire his search for perfection as much as his weird and wonderful creativity. If I was a chef- chef, what I would do to have a day in his test kitchen.

I would probably feel like I was Alice in Wonderland. :)


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