Being home makes me want to go away again…..

So I’m back from Canada.

Vancouver and surrounding areas to be precise. I had the whitest Christmas I have ever had in my life and I loved it. Snow on the beach looks beautiful. Vancouver is a gorgeous city. The more I go there the more I want to stay there. I most definitely want to live there at some point in my life. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Here are some pics :)

It was so peaceful and quiet here- no-one else was as crazy to venture out on the beach while the temperature was about -10 degrees C!
I love icicles. I hope I see more white Christmases like this one :)

You know when you’ve crossed the border in to the States…everyone is just Sooooo happy and full of Christmas Spirit
Sunset over the Pacific.
There is something completely different about the sunset there that I adore….

Yes, Bears wander around aimlessly on the Beach in White Rock British Columbia :)
Ok it’s a little pretty across the border :)

Downtown Vancouver. Skiing in the Distance.
There were countless homeless people as I crossed the border. This economic crisis has left people with nothing. When I was here last time I did not see one homeless person on the street in this part of the States….It was sad to see. I hope the New Year will bring them new hope.


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