Honey, I made pie…..no, actually I made tart. :)

So one of my suppliers had a load of out of season blueberries, obviously flown in from somewhere hot. I don’t generally buy out of season fruits and vegetables, but I thought why not start trying out stuff that I could do in the summer?
Anyway, now I am blueberried out till next summer!!

My trials included a variation on Blueberry Muffins (a healthier version with different “healthier” flours and goji berries for that extra faddy superfood-i-ness), Blueberry, Orange and Almond tart with a dash (quite a bit actually) of Amaretto, Blueberry Cupcakes with a Purpley (natural) Vanilla and Blueberry Frosting …(I just wanted to make cupcakes :)), Blueberry and Lemon layer cake with Lemon and Mascarpone icing (with a dash of limoncello) and lastly Blueberry Buttermilk scones with sugary cinnamon streusel topping which I didn’t think would work, but sometimes I even
surprise myself!


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